About Us

The Association Futura Scientia (AFS) was incorporated in Vilnius, Lithuania, in 2009. We are a non-governmental organization that is driven by the initiative, professional experience and cooperation of Lithuanian scientists who work abroad or have returned to Lithuania. AFS grew out of an informal discussion group that was formed by like-minded expatriates in 2002.

AFS’mission isto promote the modernization and competitiveness of Lithuania’s research and technology sectors, thereby helping the country to establish itself among the most successful and innovative economies. To achieve this goal, AFS brings together Lithuanian scientists with significant international experience, learning from best practices abroad, and seeking the implementation of such practices in Lithuania.

AFS goals are to:

  • Promote “knowledge economy” and “knowledge society” ideals, the scientist profession and the importance of scientific research in Lithuania.
  • Stimulate the exchange of ideas, experiences and practices in research and technology management between Lithuania and other countries. Bring successful practices to Lithuania and promote Lithuanian science and technology achievements in other countries.
  • Analyze the state of research and technology sectors in Lithuania and promote necessary reforms.
  • Foster the integrity of scientific conduct, transparency and academic freedom.
  • Stimulate and support professional interactions and collaboration between Lithuanian scientists working in Lithuania and abroad; assist in the re-integration of scientists returning to Lithuania.

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