AFS members are required to agree with and support the goals, vision and bylaws of AFS. In addition, they must demonstrate at least one of the following:

  • Ph.D. or equivalent degree obtained abroad
  • At least two years of continuous, post-Ph.D. professional experience abroad
  • A minimum of two years completed in current Ph.D. study program abroad

The following persons cannot become AFS members:

  • Persons who obtained the above-described qualifications in the Soviet Union or other post-communist countries before March 11, 1990.
  • Former members or associates of the Soviet Union government or the Communist Party.

Membership applications must contain the following:

  • Current employer, position, research or business specialty, contact information.
  • Brief description of the motivation to join AFS and confirmation of familiarity with AFS bylaws and membership requirements.
  • Curriculum Vitae.
  • Documents demonstrating that AFS membership requirements are met. Suggested and appropriate documentation includes: Ph.D. degree certificates, employment contracts indicating the length of studies or work abroad, etc. Confidential or personal information, such as compensation level and employment conditions, should be removed or disguised.

Candidates should send their written applications to the AFS board:

Association Futura Scientia
Savanori┼│ pr. 235
LT-02300 Vilnius
Tel: +370 5 266 1640
Fax: +370 5 260 2317

AFS board will send its written decision to the candidate no later than 14 days after the decision has been made.

Membership fees

AFS members are required to conform to AFS bylaws and to pay membership fees. Membership fees are determined by AFS general meetings and currently constitute 60 Euro per year. Fees qualify for Lithuanian tax deduction. Membership fees and voluntary contributions are transferred to:

SEB Bankas
LT94 7044 0600 0675 7754
Company code: 302299230
Bank code: 70440

These procedures were established at the AFS Steering Board meeting on February 18, 2009.

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